We listen to
what you want.


Detonate Design is a boutique branding consultation and graphic
design agency, specialising in speedy response times and
catchy, bold design that delivers on punch and promise.

Great graphic design is about visually enhancing the message - whether it’s annual reports, websites, corporate
brochures or email newsletters - anything that communicates the brand ethos. Doing this effectively means taking
great care with your brand - preserving integrity, values, and equity. Exceptional design is also clean, legible,
appealing and attractive; it conveys a message that will encourage a response. Your designed collateral (your image)
is what connects you with your target audience. And this is what we here at Detonate Design excel at.

What’s important to you?

The marketing and communications needs of most companies means there is constant pressure to deliver.
As soon as one project is done there is another urgently waiting.
That’s why we think what we do will contribute just a little to preserving your sanity by:

• Combining innovative ‘Ideas from thin air’ with great design
• Getting it right the first time
• Meeting your deadlines consistently
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location 90 Cryers Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013